Video Of Jay Park Picking Up Bras Thrown On Stage By Female Fans Spread Among Netizens

Netizens were surprised at Jay Park’s reaction when female audiences threw bras on stage during his performance

A video showing singer Jay Park noticing a bra being thrown on the stage by an audience at a festival was recently shared on SNS and in online communities.

The released video is known to have been filmed at the Hiphopplaya Festival held at Nanji Park near Han River in April.

jay park

That day, Jay Park was singing his hit song “Mommae” live amid the loud cheers from fans. During the performance, he took off his T-shirt and did a sexy dance, arousing enthusiastic reactions from the audience.

A few female audiences got excited when seeing Jay Park’s sexy body with solid abs, so they took off their bras and threw them on the stage. 

Seeing that, Jay Park approached them. What shocked the audience even more was that the male rapper meticulously picked up each bra thrown on the stage.

He wrapped the bras around his neck as if they were medals and continued singing.

The video was recently re-examined by netizens. It is known that Jay Park often receives underwear and bras from female fans at every performance. His reaction to such actions made headlines every time.

Source: Insight

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