“Lovely Runner” Star Denied Involvement In “Burning Sun” Chat Room Allegations Raised By BBC

“Lovely Runner” star Lee Cheol-soo was accused of being a member of the illegal chat room by BBC.

Model-turned-actor Lee Cheol-woo expressed his position on the allegations of his involvement after the release of a documentary by BBC, which highlighted the “Burning Sun” incident in 2019.

Lee Cheol-woo announced on May 20th, “Hello, I’m Lee Cheol-woo. As I stated my position through the company at the time, I would like to reiterate that I was not included in the chat room. The chat room I’m referring to as an unsavory incident was a “program chat room” to share the schedule and contents needed for filming when I appeared on JTBC’s entertainment show “Hitmaker” in 2016. We didn’t talk about anything private other than the contents related to the program, and the chat room disappeared after the program ended.”

lee chul woo

He added, “Not only me but also my family and acquaintances are suffering from years of false information and malicious comments. I sincerely ask you to refrain from making reckless speculations, and I will respond strongly to malicious comments and the spread of false information afterward.”

Previously, Lee Cheol-woo was suspected of being a member of Jung Joon-young’s group chat room during the Burning Sun incident in 2019. However, at the time, Lee Cheol-woo explained through his agency, “We would like to clearly inform you that Lee Cheol-woo is not included in the problematic chat room.” Lee Cheol-woo himself has never filmed or distributed illegal videos. He has also never been contacted by related agencies in this regard. Lee Cheol-woo was included in a chat room created three years ago in 2016 with Jung Joon-young to share his schedule with the cast when filming the “Hitmaker” program, but the chat room disappeared after the program was over.”

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