Jennie’s “4.3 billion won for 1 photo” vs IU’s “FLEX with 13 billion in cash”

On “Entertainment Weekly Live,” IU and Jennie once again caught attention as the representatives of “Young & Rich”.

On KBS2TV’s entertainment show “Entertainment Weekly Live,” which aired on Dec 15th, a battle between IU and Jennie was mentioned. First of all, Jennie made her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016 after making her face known in GD songs since she was still a YG trainee. Jennie’s solo debut “SOLO” was also a huge hit. She proved herself as the best female solo artist in Korea by ranking first on the Billboard sales chart in the U.S., standing tall against other soloists worldwide.

IU Jennie

IU made her debut in the music industry at the age of 16 in 2008. She is now known as one of the best singer-songwriters in Korea with numerous hit songs such as “LILAC,” “CELEBRITY,” and “Twenty-three.” The awards that she has received as a singer are countless.

In January this year, IU received the Digital Grand Prize at the Golden Disc Awards, winning the hearts of many young people in their 10s, 20s and 30s. She recently successfully finished her concert at Jamsil Sports Complex as the first Korean female soloist to do a concert there. IU is now an irreplaceable artist.

Apparently, both IU and Jennie are loved by the advertising industry. Jennie is drawing attention from the beauty and fashion industries by topping the girl group’s personal brand reputation. On the other hand, IU is also receiving love calls in various fields thanks to her popular image.

IU Jennie

The brand influence of both celebrities is also great. IU is promoting as a global ambassador for the high-end G brand, while Jennie became C Brand’s muse. At a recent French fashion show, Jennie’s media value was estimated to be about 4.3 billion won (about $3.2 million). Jennie’s photo advertising effect is this much.

“Entertainment Weekly” went on to mention the financial resources of both stars. It mentioned Jennie’s luxury villa, which was known to be worth 6 billion won (about $4.5 million), and that the furniture inside was worth hundreds of millions of won. Jennie has emerged as a new icon of “Young and Rich”.

IU Jennie

IU’s super luxurious luxury villa in Gangnam-gu made headlines after she purchased it with 13 billion won in cash. Currently, the apartment where IU lives is the highest-floor apartment in Korea with a Han River View, and the building is also famous as the place where Yoo In Na, Zico, and Crush live. In addition, it is known that IU has purchased a rural house located in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, where her family lives, for 3 billion won. Moreover, it has been reported that IU has been carrying out warm good deeds by delivering donations to Yangpyeong-gun since 2020.

Source: OSEN

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