“Gong Hyo Jin’s husband” Kevin Oh, phone wallpaper is wedding logo… “Play games with my wife”

Kevin Oh revealed his cell phone wallpaper.

On Nov 19th, the magazine GQ Korea posted Kevin Oh’s interview video.

In the video, Kevin Oh talked about his new song “Dawn”, “This song was written by my wife. I like the chorus the most.”

kevin oh

He explained, “I think the lyrics are very good. ‘For a long time, you are me and I am you’ seems to be simple yet contains a lot of emotions. It’s the title song that comes out as a pre-release song in my full-length album this time.”

In addition, Kevin Oh introduced, “My (cell phone) wallpaper is ‘OHYO’ like this. My nephew made it for me. It’s a wedding logo.”

kevin oh

He shared his recent status, “The weather is getting cold. I often go to the sauna. There are a workroom and a recording room in the office, so I sing there.”

He added, “I rest at home, eat and play games with my wife. I tend to play Playstation often.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Oh married actress Gong Hyo Jin last October.

Source: Nate

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