Former DIA’s Somyi At Risk of Facing Prison Sentence for Alleged False Sexual Assault Accusations Against CEO

Former idol-turned-streamer Somyi is now at the center of a legal battle, facing a potential prison sentence

A former 24-year-old girl group member turned BJ (streamer) is reportedly facing a prison sentence after falsely accusing the CEO of her management company of sexual assault. Netizens have identified this individual as Somyi, a former member of DIA.

DIA Somyi

The prosecution is pushing for a one-year prison term for Somyi on charges of fabrication.

In the events leading up to this trial, Somyi had lodged a complaint with the police against the CEO, known as B, alleging his intent to sexually assault her back in January of the previous year. 

Initially dismissed, Somyi pursued her case through an appeal, prompting a deeper investigation by the prosecution, which included scrutinizing CCTV footage relevant to the incident.

DIA Somyi

During the trial proceedings, the prosecution presented CCTV footage depicting Somyi leaving a room calmly alongside B at the time of the alleged incident. Subsequently, she re-entered the office, where she was seen embracing the CEO, a stark contrast to her earlier claim of narrowly escaping a sexual assault.

The prosecution posits that Somyi may have fabricated the accusations against B, suggesting she did so to pressure him into ending his relationship with his girlfriend at the time. However, Somyi vehemently denies these allegations. 

DIA Somyi

Her attorney contends that on the night of the incident, Somyi had been under the influence of alcohol, impairing her ability to make sound judgments. 

Additionally, the defense argues that assessing Somyi’s behavior solely through CCTV footage oversimplifies the complexities of a potential victim of sexual assault. The court is set to deliver its verdict on March 21st.

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