HYBE To Be Investigated By Police This Week For Its Lawsuit With Min Hee-jin

The police will first call for HYBE officials to investigate this week.

At a regular press conference on May 20th, Cho Ji-ho, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, announced, “As the accuser (HYBE) informed us on May 17 that they could attend after the provisional injunction-related schedule, we will call them in this week to investigate,” adding, “The necessary procedures will proceed at a pace after that.”

min hee jin

Director Cho said, “After the complaint was received, the accuser submitted the data several times,” adding, “We have completed the analysis of the submitted data.”

Earlier on the 26th of last month, HYBE filed a complaint with the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul against Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, on charges of breach of duty.

HYBE claims that CEO Min Hee-jin has established a plan to take over the management rights of ADOR, its subsidiary, and has secured specific statements and evidence related to the company to do this. On the other hand, CEO Min Hee-jin says she has not committed any breach of trust.

Source: daum

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