Did Kim Soo-hyun Drive A Porsche Following Kim Ji-won To Her Schedules?

The dating issue of actress Kim Ji-won following the success of “Queen of Tears” is currently the talk of the town

Dating rumors of “Queen of Tears” couple Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun have created hot topics during the past few days. On the morning of May 15th, a video clip showing hints of the two’s romance was shared in all online communities. In particular, a Porsche 911, which is worth 350 million won, was spotted at Incheon International Airport on the day Kim Ji-won left for her overseas schedule.

kim ji won-kim soo hyun

What drew attention was that this Porsche also appeared when Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won participated in “Queen of Tears” wrap party on April 27th. As such, fans are wondering if the Porsche was Kim Soo-hyun’s car and whether the actor drove his own car to the airport to support Kim Ji-won. 

In addition, there’s a rumor that Kim Ji-won was escorted by Kim Soo-hyun’s bodyguard at the airport on May 12th. This sparked rumors of the two’s romantic relationship in real life to spread even more.

kim ji won-kim soo hyun

In response to the rumor of Kim Soo-hyun driving his car to the airport to support Kim Ji-won, netizens are showing divided opinions. Many people pour admiration for Kim Soo-hyun’s affection for Kim Ji-won as they believe the two are secretly dating.

However, some netizens pointed out that the Porsche was not Kim Soo-hyun’s. In particular, in a video taken at the scene of “Queen of Tears” wrap party, the Porsche already left the event when Kim Soo-hyun showed up. Despite proving that Kim Soo-hyun doesn’t own the Porsche, fans also suspect that Kim Ji-won’s boyfriend might be the real owner of the car. 

Meanwhile, some others come up with another speculation that it could be Kim Ji-won’s sasaengfan.

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