Chungha, “I’m not a double-faced person… Everyone misunderstands me” (Show!terview with Sunmi)

Singer Chungha revealed an anecdote about her and senior Sunmi.

Chungha appeared as a guest on the web entertainment show “Show!terview with Sunmi”, which was released on the Youtube channel “Mobidic” on September 29th.

On this day, Chungha had a pajama party with Sunmi. First, Sunmi said, “The reason why they brought us here is that both of us hardly leave our places. They chose this place for the concept”.

Sunmi also asked, “We are unarguably homebodies, aren’t we? For how long did you stay home without leaving?”. In response, Chungha said, “Well, it’s hard to say…Because of the pandemic, everyone had to stay home for two weeks”. 

She added, “My longest record was 2 weeks, 2 weeks out of my own will even at that. But the record was broken. I did wash my hair (during that 2 weeks) but less often”, revealing that the longest skip was 3 days.

Sunmi then said to Chungha, “By the way, why do you look so much like a celebrity today?”. Chungha seriously replied, “I didn’t know I would be in pajamas here today so I had makeup done to look good”

Sunmi said, “Because when often meet in bare faces. We also send each other selfies with funny faces”. Chungha responded, “Recently, you said something sweet to me and I burst into tears. I wanted to share the moment with you so I took a crying selfie which I’d never done before.”

Recalling her first impression of Sunmi, Chungha said, “You and I went to the same makeup salon for the filming of ‘Weekly Idol’. You were sitting next to me getting makeup done and you gave me some bread”. She added, “Giving me some bread, you said ‘Let’s get it together today!’. And then after completing the shoot, you asked for my number first.”

Sunmi then initiated a talk about Chungha’s MBTI. Chungha said, “I have four MBTI types. I took an MBTI test at a specialized institution. Nothing’s wrong with having many types but people assume that I’m double-faced!”, drawing laughter. 

Chungha continued, “The test showed the four types of MBTI that I use the most frequently. When I’m at work, I’m mostly ESTJ. I’m ISTP while resting”. Sunmi asked, “Then do you hardly imagine?”. Chungha said, “I hardly do. So that’s why I lack creativity.”

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