The beauty of a TWICE member is promoted strongly after she changed her style from sweet and lovely to sexy and mature

Possessing the most gorgeous body shape among all 9 members of the group, Dahyun received many compliments for her new image after changing her fashion style.

After 7 years of operation, TWICE from a rookie group has become one of the most famous K-Pop groups in the world with its overseas concerts always attracting a large number of fans. And over time, the group has grown a lot in both their music quality and fashion style.

TWICE Dahyun

Talking about the change in their style, the most obvious member to mention is Dahyun. In recent years, if you pay close attention to her, you will immediately see a huge difference in the way Dahyun chooses her clothes from her casual clothes to her stage outfits.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, Dahyun revealed her changes in fashion style during the 7 years since her debut. In the early years of TWICE, Dahyun dressed quite safely, even conservatively. For example, every time she wore a button-down shirt, Dahyun would fasten all the buttons on her shirt, never letting go of any. Dahyun herself admits that she feels comfortable with such discreet clothing.

twice Cosmopolitan

Even Sana also had to confirm Dahyun’s conservatism in dressing.  “She even asked the stylist to sew up the exposed parts of the fabric that exposed her skin.” However, Dahyun is different now. “She is now more comfortable with her clothes,” said Sana.

TWICE Dahyun

Recently, people have repeatedly witnessed Dahyun’s hot hourglass figure in tight, hip-short outfits. Every time she wears a mini dress, revealing her waist/shoulders/legs is a time that makes the online community feverish because of her beauty. The typical examples for this are often sneaking photos of Dahyun at events. The JYP female idol once wore a white off-shoulder top with a tight-fitting mini skirt, showing off her curvaceous figure, slim waist, and long legs.

twicr dahyun

The frequency with which Dahyun confidently shows off her figure in tight-fitting designs is increasing. Her choice of clothes is also quite delicate and skillful. Typically, the way Dahyun chooses an off-shoulder dress to reveal her collarbone and slim shoulders – moderately open to create a sexy yet elegant look. Dahyun also often chooses dark color outfits because they go so well with her glowing white skin, altogether creating a great resonance.

twice dahyun

This year, Dahyun’s sexiness is definitely on a high level. Not only having tight-fitting clothes, short skirts or off-shoulder shirts like before, the member with the second best body of TWICE also tried cut-out skirts or deep-cut designs showing off her sexy cleavage. 

twice dahyun

In terms of stage outfits, Dahyun did not hesitate to show off her shoulders and slim waist.  Following the sexy fashion trend of many Korean female idols recently, Dahyun now wears both strapless crop tops and jeans on stage, brushing away her shyness in the past.  Dahyun’s change of style and mindset in dressing has received a lot of support from netizens in general and her fans in particular. Wearing sexy outfits but still exuding a delicate and luxurious vibe, it would be a waste of Dahyun to not show off her beautiful hourglass body shape.

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