“Despite denying it, it turned out to be true” EXO’s Baekhyun’s label acquired by MC Mong, increasing fan confusion

"Despite denying it, it turned out to be true", "You said it didn't matter, but what's this?"

EXO’s Baekhyun, who established his own company for solo activities, is now joining forces with MC Mong, causing confusion among K-pop fans. Earlier, during his dispute with SM Entertainment, Baekhyun denied any connection with MC Mong, but the outcome of them becoming part of the same family has left fans bewildered.

Recently, One Hundred announced the incorporation of Baekhyun’s newly established company INB100 as a subsidiary.

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After resolving the dispute with SM, Baekhyun, Chen and Xiumin (CBX) were allowed to conduct individual activities outside of SM. Baekhyun then officially launched INB100 and began his solo endeavors, including hosting fan meetings and performing at significant events. SM’s decision to permit these external activities was a major topic in the industry.

While it’s common for artists to join financially strong companies for growth, Baekhyun’s case drew attention because One Hundred was co-founded by MC Mong and p_Arc Group’s Chairman Cha Ga-won. During their dispute with CBX, SM accused MC Mong’s company Big Planet Made of attempting to poach their artists. Big Planet Made is now a subsidiary of One Hundred.

Both MC Mong and Baekhyun denied any connection at the time. Baekhyun explained that he sought advice from MC Mong and Chairman Cha due to their friendship and his lack of practical experience.

Big Planet Made Enter, INB100, Million Market

MC Mong’s side also clarified their relationship as merely a personal friendship and denied any attempts to recruit Baekhyun. However, the outcome of MC Mong and Chairman Cha bringing CBX under their wing has cast doubt on their previous denials.

One Hundred’s press release emphasized the integration of Big Planet Made Entertainment and INB100, highlighting the addition of strong IPs, including Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen, with references to “EXO”. Fan platform Weverse also announced the trio’s inclusion using terms like “EXO” and “CBX”, adding to the confusion among fans.

This unprecedented situation has led to considerable debate, touching on issues of tampering in the entertainment industry. Future similar cases could emerge, emphasizing the need for trust between companies and artists.

An industry insider noted that tampering is difficult to prove and ultimately a matter of trust. Another insider highlighted the sensitivity of contract matters, stressing the importance of mutual caution and trust in such situations. They also mentioned the potential for conflicts in value when using IPs in multiple places.

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