The resemblance between Somi’s MV teaser and BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls have been noted by netizens

The sequence in the teaser for ‘XOXO’ MV where Somi smashes the car window with a hammer has drawn a lot of attention due to its similarities to a scene in BLACKPINK’s ‘Lovesick Girls’ MV.

After a successful comeback with the single “DUMB DUMB” in August, Jeon Somi has announced to make another comeback in 2021 with her first album XOXO, scheduled to be released on October 29. On October 25, Jeon Somi released an MV teaser for the upcoming title song “XOXO“.

In the 28-second video, Somi appears with a trendy blonde hairstyle, colorful outfits and epic scenes like footage of a movie. The slogan “The girl is back for the sweet revenge” signals an exciting story of a girl who sets out for revenge on her ex-lover. Although the MV teaser only unveils a short piece of lyrics and melody, “XOXO” is expected to become the next hit in the 20-year-old singer’s career.

Jeon Somi
Somi’s scene in “XOXO” teaser
Jeon Somi
… and Lisa’s scene in “Lovesick Girls” MV are said to be quite similar

On the two popular Korean forums Pann and Nate, Korean netizens are criticizing Somi for an “obvious imitation” of her senior from YG. Netizen also mocked The Black Label’s production team for digging up old ideas from BLACKPINK‘s MV. One thing worth mentioning is that this is not the first time Somi has been accused of being a “copycat”. During the promotion for “DUMB DUMB,” Somi also created a fierce debate because her highteen concept, including her hairstyle and outfit are said to be similar to those of Rosé.

Somi’s fans are defending their idol against negative comments. In YG artists’ MVs, there are often similar scenes with hammers, such as scenes of Haruto (TREASURE), or Bobby (iKON). Therefore, it makes no sense to criticize Somi for “plagiarizing” Lisa. In addition, fans also discovered hidden details in the “XOXO” teaser.

Besides the similar detail with the hammer, the car that Somi drives is the same car BLACKPINK drive in the “Lovesick Girls” MV, but in different paint color and texture. This not-so-much-a-coincidence made fans hypothesize about a “XOXO Lovesick Girls universe”, where the two songs have a close connection of content and concepts. Some comments also pointed out that the “XOXO” MV teaser looks like it’s having a “cross over” with ITZY‘s MV… “Not Shy.”

Jeon Somi

Some comments from netizens:

  • This is the characteristic of YG artists, it can’t be said that Somi copied BLACKPINK.
  • Why can’t Somi have her own style since her appearance in every comeback is so similar to BLACKPINK?
  • A follow-up story after Lovesick Girls?
  • The first thing that comes to mind when I see the teaser is that Somi will avenge BLACKPINK…
  • XOXO = ITZY’s Not Shy + BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls.
  • Hammer, car or explosion are all familiar concepts in YG’s MVs, not just BLACKPINK. Somi even drove that pink cadillac in her Birthday MV before…
jeon somi

Many fans are excited by the conspiracy theory about the “XOXO – Lovesick Girls universe”.

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