What will Seo Soojin’s future be after she leaves Cube Entertainment?

Surely Soojin will face many difficulties in the future since the Korean public has boycotted her.

On March 5, CUBE announced the termination of the exclusive contract with former (G)I-DLE member Seo Soojin. Previously on August 14 last year, the female idol was also announced to leave (G)I-DLE.

In February of last year, Soojin’s school violence scandal broke out. Some internet users, including “High Kick” actress Seo Shin Ae, exposed Soojin’s bad actions towards her classmates in the past. Although the company tried to clarify the female idol’s controversy, the result was that the accusers (who posted about Soojin’s school bullying) did not commit defamation or spread false information.


While still a member of (G)I-DLE, Soojin often received many compliments for her charming voice and attractive charisma. She was even called “the new generation HyunA“. However, the good reputation that she built collapsed after the scandal. It can be seen that her future path after leaving CUBE will not be easy.

Ever since Soojin got into a scandal, Korean fans have turned their backs on her, repeatedly asking her to leave the group to avoid affecting the rest of the members. However, many fans believed that she was innocent after CUBE sued her accusers. But now, after the announcement of CUBE as well as the police, it can be almost confirmed that the accusations against Soojin are correct and therefore, the fans, who still have the last faith in Soojin, will also leave her.

With no support from the fandom, Soojin will face even more harsh boycotts from the public. In Korea, school violence is such a burning issue in society that netizens certainly won’t forgive a celebrity who bullied her classmates. Surely Soojin will not be able to appear on TV shows or entertainment programs as well as re-appear as a solo artist. She has no chance to return to the entertainment industry, at least in the near future. Other idols or actors involved in bullying scandals such as actor Ji Soo, group April,… all met with not-so-good endings.

However, Soojin still has a strong international fan base, who do not care about her scandal. After Soojin announced her departure from the group last August, a petition with nearly 100,000 signatures from international fans was published to “claim justice” for the female idol. It looks like these fans will continue to support Soojin even after the matter is cleared up. The female idol can completely work on social networking platforms such as becoming a Youtuber, … although she will certainly face criticism from netizens.


Soojin is undeniably a beautiful and talented female idol, but she must still pay the price for her previous wrong doings. Hopefully Soojin will reflect on herself and correct her mistakes. Maybe there’s a possibility for Soojin to continue following her passion for singing in the future if she honestly admits her mistake and makes amends?

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