BLACKPINK Brand May Be Unusable if Members Don’t Re-sign with YG, According to Korean Media

The South Korean media has provided information and opinions on BLACKPINK’s contracts

Recently, the South Korean media, specifically Chosun Biz, reported exclusively with the headline: “BLACKPINK Transfer Rumors Have Increased The Black Label’s Valuation to 1 Trillion Won.”


Specifically, journalists Ja-un Noh and Oh Gwi-hwa mentioned that the value of The Black Label, an entertainment company, has recently increased significantly. Venture capital firms are lining up to participate in promoting investment. Most of them acknowledge the current business value to be 1 trillion won.

Previously, the rumor of BLACKPINK, a music group under YG, moving to The Black Label is believed to have encouraged strong investment interest.

Additionally, Chosun Biz speculated about the extension of BLACKPINK’s contracts: “There are several scenarios, but the most likely scenario is that the group will extend their contract with YG Entertainment as BLACKPINK, while the members will sign individual contracts with other companies. Because YG Entertainment holds the rights to the BLACKPINK brand, the members will not be able to use this brand unless they continue their contracts as a group.”

Therefore, if the BLACKPINK members sign contracts with other companies without renewing with YG, whether as individuals or as a group, the girls may not be able to use the BLACKPINK brand in their activities.


This situation previously occurred with the case of 2NE1, one of YG’s golden-era music groups. Specifically, after their disbandment in 2016, 2NE1 had a reunion performance at Coachella 2022 after 7 years.

However, this performance was prepared secretly. The reason was that all four members had already left YG Entertainment and were working in different companies. All four girls could sing together, but they needed YG’s permission to promote as 2NE1. If the members used the name of 2NE1 in promotional concerts or new albums without these procedures, they could face a trademark infringement lawsuit.


The 7-year reunion performance of 2NE1 was prepared secretly to avoid trademark infringement as the members had left YG.

Earlier on April 18th, the Korean media stirred up rumors again when The Korea Herald reported exclusively that BLACKPINK would leave YG and join The Black Label. This is a subsidiary of YG led by Teddy Park, which currently manages Taeyang (BIGBANG), Somi, and actor Park Bogum.

BLACKPINK’s music products are mainly produced by The Black Label team, and the four members have a close relationship with Teddy. Discussions about contracts were revealed to have been completed earlier this year. However, YG has confirmed “Baseless” and there is no new information about BLACKPINK’s re-signing.

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