“Isn’t it from the boyfriend’s view?”… The video of Suzy drinking cocktails and getting drunk receives explosive reactions

The new Youtube video of actress Suzy became a hot topic.

On January 27th, a video titled “Do you like cocktails?” was uploaded on the Youtube channel of Suzy. The video shows Suzy and actress Jang Hee Ryeong having a pleasant talk while drinking cocktails.


Suzy and Jang Hee Ryeong used to be under the same company – JYP Entertainment. They are close enough to go on a trip together after starring in KBS2’s drama “Uncontrollably Fond” in 2016.

Suzy appeared in the video doing various cute poses in front of Jang Hee Ryeong, drawing attention. She said, “Girlfriend material, you know”, adding “Today is Friday. TGIF. We usually stay at home. It’s nice to come out once in a while”. The two continued to talk about their trip in the past.


Later, Suzy and Jang Hee Ryeong practiced their lines while discussing each other’s scripts. Suzy said, “This year, I want to spend more time for myself. For example, going on a trip once my drama is over, writing diaries, and doing all the things I couldn’t do while filming dramas”, revealing her New Year resolutions.

Suzy then said to fans, “It’s getting very cold these days. Everyone, be careful not to catch a cold. Stay healthy this year”.


Fans who watched the video commented, “Isn’t this video shot from the boyfriend’s view?”, “I envy actress Jang Hee Ryeong”, “It’s nice seeing the two are still close to each other like this”, “I can see her getting drunk while watching the video”, “What’s with her appearance?”, etc.

Meanwhile, Suzy is scheduled to make a comeback with Netflix’s drama “Doona!” in 2023. “Doona!” is based on a webtoon of the same name by Min Song Ah. It’s a romance drama about ordinary college student Won Joon (Yang Se Chan) meeting Lee Doo Na (Suzy), a K-pop idol who retires during her heyday, at a share house.

Suzy Yang Se-jong

Actress Jang Hee Ryeong appeared in tvN’s dramas “Shooting Star”, “Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist”, and Disney+ series “Connect”.

Source: wikitree

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