New “D’splay” video captures Daesung’s everyday foodie journey, this time to G-Dragon’s favorite restaurant “with no exit” 

Daesung’s new video warms fans’ hearts by presenting an intimate look at his daily life. 

On the 7th, Daesung posted a video on his YouTube channel “D’splay,” titled “A Hip Meat RestaurantㅣThree-Meals-A-Day Daesung, A Restaurant G-Dragon fell in love with”.

big bang daesung g dragon

In the video released, Daesung said, “This place is… located in Bogwang-dong,” adding, “Today, we are here at ‘Daesung Butcher Shop Restaurant’, which is famous for being G-Dragon’s famous restaurant. This restaurant has foodie’s heaven written all over it,” he said.

big bang daesung g dragon

“They have ‘Hi(gh) Pork’ on the menu, but not ‘Bye Pork’, so you can say it is a place with an entrance but no exit,” Daesung joked around. 

big bang daesung g dragon

In the video, Daesung eagerly showed the menu he ordered, “I ordered beef briskets. I am already ful from seeing them piled up like a mountain. The singer also ordered Aged Kimchi, the restaurant’s famous dish, commenting, “It was so good that I don’t know how many seconds I got”. 

big bang daesung g dragon

Tasting the soybean stew, Daesung also praised the cooking, recommending that G-Dragon visit the restaurant next time, “Tonight I want to start calling G-Dragon ‘G-Daeragon’”

Daesung is a 33-year-old actor, singer and television personality who debuted with BIGBANG in 2006 and has been running a YouTube channel since 2020.

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