Park Bo-gum Becomes First Korean To Appear On Japanese Magazine UOMO’s Cover

Actor Park Bo-gum decorated the cover of the upcoming June issue of the Japanese men’s fashion magazine UOMO

On April 22nd (local time), UOMO revealed that Korean actor Park Bo-gum would appear on the cover of the June issue, which will be published on May 25th, and drew attention by mentioning the special VTR. Park Bo-gum is currently a global ambassador for the French luxury brand CELINE.

It is known that the editor in charge of the June issue personally visited Seoul to capture Park Bo-gum’s fashionable visual against the backdrop of the Korean traditional house Hanok. In particular, Park Bo-gum is the first Korean actor to decorate the UOMO magazine.

park bo gum uomo

In the cover shown on the same day, Park Bo-gum is wearing a nice suit reminiscent of the old days against the backdrop of a hanok. The actor matched a black dot shirt with a white striped jacket and captivated female fans’ hearts with his flawless skin and handsome face.

In addition, UOMO also released a special message containing Park Bo-gum’s voice speaking in Japanese, arousing cheers from fans. In the video, the actor stood in front of the hanok and greeted UOMO readers with a bright smile. He said, “Please look forward to the upcoming June issue”.

Source: daum

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