iKON walked around the building to greet everyone on their last day at YG 

In a recent interview, Bobby discussed the last day of iKON at YG Entertainment, causing a lot of fans to get emotional. 

Previously on December 30th, boy group iKON officially departed from YG Entertainment, 7 years after the group’s official debut. The news left fans in great shock and regret, and Bobby’s recent remarks about iKON’s last days caused a lot to get emotional. 


In particular, Bobby said in an interview on March 21st, “On the day our departure from YG was announced, I, along with the members, walked around the office building and greeted producer Yang Hyun Suk and all the staff.”

The male rapper also added that everyone cheered for the group, and even told them to freely contact them at any time. 

At the same time, Bobby also mentioned a moment with WINNER member Jinu (real name Kim Jin Woo), as one that “left a deep impression” on him.


“The moment I greeted WINNER Jinwoo hyung at the company on the last day left a deep impression on me. It’s because he’s a hyung with whom we’ve been together for a long time since our trainee days and made memories”, he said, adding, “My hyung almost cried, and I was heartbroken when I saw him.”

Bobby also said that iKON had dinner with their managers in the evening of the same day, and everyone felt heartbroken whilst reminiscing on memories of past activities. 


Hearing about Bobby’s heartfelt sharings, many fans can’t help but get emotional themselves. They express regrets at the fate of iKON, and at the same time hope that the group can have a brighter future under their new agency, 143 Entertainment. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • iKON trained at YG since they were kids, spending a decade with the company, practically their entire youth. Of course they felt like a family.
  • I am bawling my eyes out… I was watching some videos of iKON since their debut days and couldn’t hold back my years 
  • It is truly “YG Family”! I certainly hope that iKON can go back to their heyday! 
  • This is heartbreaking to hear… They have spent a good chunk of their life together, grown as close as a family, and then they had to part ways…

Source: Naver

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