Kim Go-eun got hit with reality and burst into laughter while practicing “Hype Boy” choreography

Actress Kim Go-eun revealed the story behind her dance practice for “Hype Boy”.

On Nov 7th, a video titled “Singapore last story·Go-eun day behind” was uploaded on BH Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

Kim Go-eun visited the dance practice room ahead of the fan meeting for her 10th debut anniversary. This was to practice the choreography of girl group NewJeans‘ “Hype Boy” to perform in front of fans. Kim Go-eun put a spell on herself “I can do it” while practicing dancing. After facing herself in the dancing mirror, she shyly said “You~” and laughed.

kim go eun

During break, Kim Go-eun honestly confessed, “I got to dance to this song after receiving emails from fans. Originally, there were many people asking me to dance to BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom’, but I got goosebumps thinking about me performing it after watching the stage video. How can I make that expression? If I make a mistake on stage, it’s over, isn’t it?”

kim go eun

After dancing with other dancers, Kim Go-eun also stopped by the band practice room to practice singing. Kim Go-eun concentrated on practicing singing with a very serious look. She expressed her sincerity to fans, “After the filming for ‘Little Women’ was over, I spent time practicing for the fan meeting. I personally selected 4 songs that I’d like to present to fans. I don’t know if it was a good gift or not.”

kim go eun

On the day of the fan meeting, Kim Go-eun looked at the big stage and showed nervousness, “I did something. I don’t know.” However, she perfectly performed both dancing and singing and had a happy time with fans.

Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun appeared in tvN’s drama “Little Women“, which ended last month. Her movie “Hero” is about to be released.

Source: Naver

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