Global celebrity who came to hate Lee Hyori as she didn’t reply to her messages

2NE1's leader CL recently stirred up a buzz by sharing a photo of all 2NE1 members with the caption "4L♥" on her SNS account

Sandara Park shared, “Even when we lived together, if our tastes didn’t match, we would order separate food. It’s not easy for the four of us to get together. We met at 6 PM and talked until 2 AM. It was so happy.”

On that day, CL took the members to her favorite home-style restaurant and treated them to a second round. Sandara Park expressed her emotions, “This May marks our 15th debut anniversary, which feels so emotional. We talked a lot about old stories. Now, it seems like there might be a timing for a reunion, both for the group and personally. I think if we don’t wait too eagerly, it will come to us like a gift.”

sandara park

She added, “It’s not common for the four of us to chat and drink together. During our activities, we couldn’t drink, and the other members were minors. It was different.”

Sandara Park confessed on a broadcast that she was hurt by Lee Hyori. In particular, she revealed that during her school days in the Philippines, she was a huge fan of Lee Hyori and felt hurt by her.

Sandara Park said, “On a variety show, I saw Lee Hyori enjoying melons, which made me think that melons were precious fruits in Korea. I brought melons from the Philippines to give to Lee Hyori.

sandara park

She continued, “I couldn’t deliver them to her directly, so with the help of fan club members, I visited Lee Hyori’s house and gave them to her mother.” However, Sandara Park admitted that she began to hate Lee Hyori after her debut.

Sandara Park expressed her disappointment, “After debuting, I met Lee Hyori for the first time on the show ‘Family Outing’. After filming, I followed her and asked for her phone number. I sent her 5~6 messages, but I didn’t get a reply.”

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Upon hearing Sandara Park’s story, Lee Hyori denied it, saying, “That’s impossible. Although I’m not good at replying to messages, I always reply to juniors.” Shin Dong-yup, who has known Lee Hyori for a long time, added, “That’s not like her. Maybe there was a mistake in the phone number or a misunderstanding.” Sandara Park then clarified the misunderstanding and expressed her unchanged affection, “I want to learn how to drink from Sister Hyori.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park debuted as a member of girl group 2NE1 in 2009 and released her first solo mini-album in July last year.

Source: Daum

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