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Park Jin-young On “You Quiz” New Episode Preview, “I Should Let The World Know How Lovely Bang Si-hyuk Is”

“You Quiz” episode with Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk’s guest appearances will air next week

On October 24th, “You Quiz on the Block” (“You Quiz”) released a preview for the episode featuring Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk.

you Quiz-Park Jin-young Bang Si-hyuk

The preview footage introduced various stories to be revealed in the official broadcast, such as their movie-like friendship, the conflict due to plastic pants, as well as memories of when they shared a bed at a friend’s newlywed house in the US.

Bang Si-hyuk will talk about his strategy to promote BTS and make them be loved around the world. In particular, Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk will also have a piano battle, which can only be seen on “You Quiz”.

you Quiz-Park Jin-young Bang Si-hyuk

The second part of the preview shows Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk holding props, such as bubble tea and baguette bread. It is known to be the punishment for the last quiz on “You Quiz”. During the recording, Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho even praised the two, saying “You two look so cute together”.

Park Jin-young also confessed, “I should let the world know how lovely Si-hyuk is”, making viewers more curious about the quiz that even the two K-pop masters Park Jin-young and Bang Si-hyuk could not solve.

“You Quiz” production team said, “The most difficult question among ‘You Quiz’ quizzes has appeared. Please pay attention to the question that embarrassed the two”.  This episode will air at 8:45 p.m. on November 1st.

Source: Nate

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