Song Ji-hyo Cast In New Film “Meeting House”, Working Hard After Moving To New Agency

Actress Song Ji-hyo will appear in the movie “Meeting House”

On November 29th, Nexus E&M said, “Song Ji-hyo recently confirmed her appearance in the movie ‘Meeting House’”, adding “Please look forward to the new transformation and charm of Song Ji-hyo, who plans to prove her appearance as a trustworthy actress in her new work.”

“Meeting House” tells the story of Taejeo (Song Ji-hyo), who has been a female prison guard for 15 years, meeting the daughter of a prisoner. 

Song Ji-hyo

“Meeting House” director and writer Cha Jung-yoon attracted attention after winning awards at domestic and international film festivals with works such as “Nagayo” and “Finding Little Star”. Director Cha believes that Song Ji-hyo’s deep eyes and attractive voice suit the main character very well and can bring about good results.

Earlier, Song Ji-hyo has been consistently active in movies, dramas, entertainment programs, and advertisements with her unchanging beauty and unique emotional acting. Her delicate expressions, firm eyes, and stable acting have added energy to her works. Based on this, the actress has showcased her diverse character transformations in projects of different genres.

In the meantime, the public and industry officials are welcoming Song Ji-hyo’s screen comeback through “Meeting House”. With her tireless efforts and challenges with different character transformations in each work, Song Ji-hyo is raising viewers’ curiosity about the new image she will present in this film.

The movie “Meeting House” is scheduled to start filming in January 2024.

Source: Daum

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