Kim Ji-yeon (WJSN’s Bona) expresses her feelings prior to the end of “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, “I learned and felt a lot through this precious time…”

Bona talked about her feelings as “Twenty-five Twenty-one” is about to end.

On April 3rd, King Kong by Starship released photos of Kim Ji-yeon (Bona), who starred in tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” as Ko Yu-rim, during the last shooting and her feelings about the end of the drama.

Twenty Five Twenty One-Bona

Through her agency, Bona said, “Hello, I’m Bona, who recently greeted everyone as Ko yu-rim in ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’. It’s too bad that I already have to say goodbye to Yu-rim. To me, ‘Twenty-five Twenty-one’ was a precious time that helped me learn, feel, and think a lot while working with so many great people to make such a great work. I think it will become an unforgettable and beautiful memory that I will keep for a long time”.

Lastly, Bona said, “It was such an honor and I was very grateful to work with the writer, the director, all the staff and seniors who have guided me, who is still lacking in many ways, so well. Thank you to all the viewers who have been watching the drama for your love and support. I will work hard and come back with better performances in the future!”.

Twenty Five Twenty One-Bona

Kim Ji-yeon (Bona) perfectly portrayed her character in “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, increasing the audiences’ immersion in the drama. Not only did she show a professional aspect with her firm eyes and facial expressions as a fencing athlete, but she also conveyed the character’s painful inner feelings with her deep emotional acting, drawing sympathy from the viewers. Moreover, Bona also helped complete the shining story of youth by showing beautiful friendship moments with friends, and her lovely ‘first love’ appearance. Fans are raising high expectations for the future activities of Bona, who has solidified her position as an actress through “Twenty-five Twenty-one”.

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