Not Song Hye-kyo, Song Joong-ki Smiled at Another Actress at 2024 Baeksang

Song Hye-kyo suddenly drew attention after a video of Song Joong-ki smiling at another actress at Baeksang went viral. 

The 2024 Baeksang Awards 2024 has dominated Asian social media for the past 24 hours thanks to the gathering of famous stars including Song Hye-kyo, Song Joong-ki, Kim Soo-hyun, Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, and so on.

Shortly after the event ended, two videos capturing the interaction between Song Joong-ki and actress-singer BIBI (Kim Hyung-seo) were widely shared, attracting massive engagement.

BIBI appeared bewildered and amazed when her name was called at the recent Baeksang Awards. The video capturing the singer-actress’s expression went viral on social media.

In the first video, BIBI appeared bewildered, lost in the crowd, when her name was called for the Best New Actress award. Witnessing BIBI’s confusion, Song Joong-ki approached her with a bright smile, encouraging and uplifting her spirits. In another video, BIBI couldn’t contain her emotions when giving her acceptance speech, even creating a memorable meme. Sitting among the audience, the young heartthrob was amused by the humorous expression of his junior.

bibi song joong ki
Song Joong-ki approached BIBI to congratulate her, embracing her and smiling to encourage and uplift her spirits.
Song Joong-ki chuckled as he witnessed the humorous expression of his junior on stage receiving the award.

It is known that Song Joong-ki and BIBI became close through their collaboration in the project titled “Hopeless.” During their collaboration, Song Joong-ki even gifted his junior a high-end smartphone.

On social media forums, not only did netizens express their excitement about the interaction between Song Joong-ki and BIBI, but some also brought up Song Hye-kyo. The reason stems from Song Joong-ki’s stiff expression upon seeing his ex-wife Song Hye-kyo on stage at the 2024 Baeksang awards.

Song Hye-kyo also attended Baeksang as an award presenter. It is known that this is the first time Song Hye-kyo – Song Joong-ki have attended an event together since their shocking divorce.

Song Joong-ki made a stiff expression when Song Hye-kyo appeared 

Eight years ago at Baeksang, the Song-Song couple captured the media’s attention when they appeared together on the red carpet – a stark contrast to now

Source: K14, Twitter, Naver

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