aespa Karina reveals first images with short blonde hair, reactions exploded

Karina, a member of girl group aespa, draw attention by revealing several images of herself with short blonde hair

Recently, Karina shared several photos through the fan communication platform Bubble, along with the caption, “I had these photos. I thought it would be nice to try this kind of styling properly someday.”

In the published photos, Karina’s striking and unconventional hairstyling, which is reminiscent of a hush cut, can be seen.


Particularly, with her short hair, Karina showcased her small face size and long neckline, gathering attention. The female idol’s blonde hair also further enhanced her fair complexion, eliciting admiration.

Fans were also in awe upon seeing Karina in this short blonde haircut, even comparing her to a Barbie doll. 

Considering that Karina has always donned long hair since her debut, the bold new style garnered explosive reactions from fans, who left comments such as, “She’s truly a goddess” and “Please wear this look in a future comeback.”

Meanwhile, Karina’s group, aespa, released their third mini-album “MY WORLD” and the title track “Spicy” on May 8th and were actively promoting. 

On June 25th, aespa attended the “Water Bomb Seoul 2023” music festival, which was held at Jamsil Sports Complex Auxiliary Stadium in Seoul on the 25th.

Source: Insight

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