Red Velvet Seulgi shows off her well shaped body with muscles

Seulgi has received a lot of attention for her body lines.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is clearly so proud of her slim figure. What catches people’s eyes is her lean waist with 11 abs.

seulgi 2

Seulgi looks slim but fit with a lot of muscles. The muscles on her stomach, arms and waist can be easily seen

seulgi 8 1

Seulgi once said before that doing exercises is the secret to stay fit. “I do Pilates to get my body in good shape,” she added.

“When I do Pilates, I start with my inner muscles first. I feel my body is getting stronger.”

“I am used to dancing because I have to dance a lot. Therefore no matter what I do, I still get muscles and even don’t gain weight.”

Let’s take a look at Seulgi’s perfect body figure!

seulgi 12 1

Source: Dispatch

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