“Queen of Tears” Ending Was Implied in Kim Ji-won’s Room Painting? 

An artwork featured in Kim Ji-won’s room in “Queen of Tears” may hint at the K-drama’s ending, said an art expert. 

On April 12, a video featuring art specialist Cho Sang-in analyzing the artworks in “Queen of Tears” was published. 

Here, Cho Sang-in introduced the horizontally long abstract painting above the head of the bed in Hong Hae-in’s (played by Kim Ji-won) room with particular interest.

queen of tears room painting

“It’s not painted as one piece but connected by several panels. It’s a painting by Jeon Eun-suk”, she said, adding, “It’s a painting where several objects that were concrete become blurred at some point and only the traces and impressions remain in vivid colors.”

The art specialist further commented, “In the drama, Hong Hae-in sometimes suffers from tumors in her head, making her vision occasionally blurry and her memories dim. Seeing the painting in such a situation makes one pay more attention.”

“Since the screen and color of the work are bright and bright, I hope that the drama will have a happy ending through the painting”, she also added.

Cho also mentioned the placement of the portraits in Hong Hae-in’s room, saying, “It’s uncommon to have many portraits or photos in a personal bedroom. The production team seems to subtly tell the story of how to present ‘Hong Hae-in’ through the artwork. It seems to imply the story of the drama by placing multiple portraits to show a person with self-reflection, self-love, and a strong ego.”

Upon hearing this, netizens responded with awe and expressed hope that a happy ending will indeed happen. 

Source: Daum

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