An incredible “experienced rookie” is coming to the K-Pop industry    

VIVIZ, an “experienced rookie” girl group that boasts colorful aspects, is coming.

VIVIZ, a trio formed by former GFriend’s members Eunha, SinB, and Umji, held an online media showcase to commemorate the release of its first mini-album “Beam of Prism” on the afternoon of Feb 9th. VIVIZ is an abbreviation for “VIVID dayZ“, which is a combination of “VIVID,” and “days(z),” meaning that they will always be artists who proudly express their colors to the world.

VIVIZ online showcase

Regarding the team name, Eunha said, “We named it after SinB, Umji, and my real name,” adding, “When I first heard it, I thought it was a strange one, but the more I hear it, the more I think it’s such a cute name.”

Umji said, “At first, you may think, ‘What does this name mean?’ but the more you hear it, you get attached to it. It’s stuck in my head now,” she said. “I think the chosen logo is cool too, making it even a cooler name. It’s become a name I love so much,” she said, expressing her extraordinary affection.

VIVIZ online showcase

VIVIDZ is a group consisting of veteran idols who have already been active for a long time before this debut. Eunha said, “As there are not many idols who re-debuted as units after their group’s disbandment, so we prefer to use ‘Let’s work hard’ over ‘Let’s do well’ to set a good precedent.”

SinB said, “I’ve never done this as a three-people team, so I thought a lot about what kind of music to do and how to set the direction. However, compared to that concern, all the members are full of passion. That passion has helped me overcome my worries,” she explained.

VIVIZ online showcase

Other GFriend members also cheered for the new start of their three members. Umji said, “I’m grateful for what the members said, and what I remember the most, more than “good luck” or fighting”, is that they said we’ll definitely do well. Such words gave me strength. Since the members who have been by my side for a long time say that, I’m like, “Really? Do you think we will do well?” she said.

“Since I have been active for eight years, I don’t want to make a flaw in GFriend’s footsteps, which is why I want to work even harder,” she stressed.

VIVIZ online showcase

When asked “What is the difference between GFriend and VIVIDZ?” Eunha said, “If GFriend’s music was the music that touched your heart and made you emotional, VIVIDZ’s seems to be the kind of music that made you shake you body.”

Umji said, “We weren’t sure what color would come out when the three of us did it, but when we prepared and worked together, VIVIDZ’s color started to take shape,” adding, “We’ve been active for eight years, but there are still many things we haven’t shown you. I think I can show you a variety of different sides which is different from when I was a GFriend member,” she stressed.

VIVIZ online showcase

When asked what VIVIDZ’s strengths are, they confidently said that they were a “experienced rookie.” SinB said, “I just made my debut, but two things coexist within me: novelty and skill. The people who are watching would be like, “Oh, what are they’re like…,” I think they’ll be curious about what we’re going to do in the future.” 

VIVIZ online showcase

VIVIDZ’s first mini album “Beam of Prism” includes title songs “BOP BOP!” , “Intro,” “Fiesta,” “Tweet Tweet,” “Lemonade,” “Love You Like,” and “Winter.”

The title song “BOP BOP!” is a hybrid pop dance genre song that combines Latin rhythm and disco, where you can feel VIVIDZ’s ambition while enjoying the music as well as the harmony of their attractive vocals. The songs will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. today.

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