“Smiling naturally makes the photos come out prettiest”, Han So-hee talking about her viral photo at the British Fashion Awards

Actress Han So-hee expressed her feelings about attending the British Fashion Awards as a representative of Korea.

On the 17th, W KOREA released an interview video with Han So-hee.

Han So-hee

In the video, Han So-hee, wearing a dark green light dress and her dazzling appearance, said, “It’s actually my first time coming to London so it’s very heart-pounding and I heard it would be cold, but it isn’t. It’s a big event, so I’m very excited and I’m also proud to be here as a representative of my country.”

han so hee

Regarding her own pose on the red carpet, Han So-hee said,  “I think that red carpets (and in similar occasions) I’m kind of stiff so that could come off as different from my usual self. I think smiling naturally makes the photos come out prettiest.” Regarding the most memorable red carpet episode, she mentioned the movie premiere of the movie ‘Money Flower’ and said, “When I first made an official appearance and I didn’t know how to pose back then, so I kept bowing in 90 degrees. So my face didn’t appear in the photos, only photos of me bowing 90 degrees.”

Han So-hee

In the video released by W KOREA on the same day, Han So-hee showed a friendly appearance by handing her hot pack to Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury also said, “Let’s have dinner together next time,” adding, “I’ll invite you to my house. We should have a party. Let’s dance,” she said, and Han So-hee also responded, “It’s really good.”

Meanwhile, Han So-hee will appear in the Netflix series ‘Kyungsung Creature’, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. She will be making her collaboration with actor Park Seo-joon.

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