EXID Hani and doctor Yang Jae-woong have been dating for two years…”We are having a happy relationship”

Hani (30), a former member of idol group EXID, is dating Yang Jae-woong (39), a psychiatrist.

According to a report by Wikitree on Jun 29th, Hani has been in a relationship with psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong for two years.

Hani’s agency Sublime said with Wikitree, “Hani is in a happy relationship with Yang Jae-woong,” adding, “Please continue to support them.”

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Yang Jae-woong’s agency, Mystic Story, has also officially acknowledged his dating relationship with Hani.

At the same time, Wikitree attracted attention by claiming that Hani and Yang Jae-woong had previously showcased their relationship through SNS.According to this media outlet, on January 1st, the couple visited Mt. Halla in Jeju together. After that, they posted photos of the Mt. Halla, which is covered with snow, on their SNS account respectively.At that time, Hani wrote a caption saying, “Congratulations to all those who received 2022 as a gift,” and Yang Jae-woong also posted a post saying, “The first hike I went on willingly.”

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Hani was born in 1992, and Yang Jae-woong was born in 1982. This means they are a star couple who have overcome the 10-year age gap to build a happy relationship together.

Hani made her debut with girl group EXID in 2011. Hani’s fancam of the 2014 song “Up and Down” has become an icon of rebounding on the chart as it has attracted a lot of attention.

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Psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong is known for being active on various dating programs. In particular, he is gaining huge popularity by running the YouTube channel “Yang Bro’s Mental World” with his brother Yang Jae-jin, who is also a psychiatrist.

Source: wikitree

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