Tiffany revealed when she texted Soo-young that she was sad and Soo-young immediately visited her house

A touching story that shows Soo-young and Tiffany’s friendship was recently told.

Girls’ Generation members appeared on the Youtube web entertainment show “The Game Caterers 2”, which was released on August 5th, to promote their 15th-anniversary comeback.

Before playing games, the member took turns playing the game called “Say the Strength” in which they have to tell their strengths and weaknesses.

The weakness Tiffany, who was pointed out by Sunny, revealed was that she often feels sad. 

Upon hearing this, Soo-young said, “Tiffany texted me that she’s sad then I can’t get hold of her”, adding that she had to come to Tiffany’s house many times.


Soo-young was worried so she rushed to see what happened to Tiffany but when she opened the door, she was embarrassed by the fact that Tiffany was just sleeping. 

Apart from Tiffany, Soo-young also went to Hyo-yeon’s house whenever Hyo-yeon felt sad. 


Surprised by the story, PD Na Young-seok asked, “Is visiting people’s houses your thing?”. Tae-yeon said, “She remembers the house passwords of all members”.

Tiffany confessed that she could talk to Soo-young about her sadness and bad feelings because Soo-young is a friend she can trust and rely on. 


Tiffany said, “I texted her because I was sad. Then I realized I could have ruined Soo-young’s day”, adding “I decided to never do that to her again”. 

PD Na Young-seok deeply sympathized with Tiffany’s story and he said, “Because you want to rely on her, you whine for no reason”.


Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation recently released their 7th full album “FOREVER 1” in celebration of their 15th debut anniversary and is actively carrying out various activities for the promotion.

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