LE SSERAFIM Shows Improvement In Coachella Week 2 Soundcheck Video

Receiving criticism for their bad Coachella live stage last week, LE SSERAFIM members seem to have been preparing hard this time

LE SSERAFIM made their debut on the stage of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the US on April 13th (local time). Contrary to expectations, the HYBE girl group failed to impress the audience because of their poor live singing skills. 

In particular, netizens pointed out the girls’ poor weak live singing skills and continuous cracks throughout the performance, raising controversy over idols nowadays not receiving proper vocal training. Amid criticism, Kim Chae-won’s SNS Story post and Sakura’s letter after the controversial show with an attitude of not acknowledging their shortcomings further increased netizens’ frustration.

However, the group still has another chance to prove themselves. This weekend, LE SSERAFIM will perform the second show for Coachella 2024. Ahead of the highly anticipated performance, a video showing LE SSERAFIM doing soundcheck spread widely on X (formerly Twitter), arousing keen attention. 

In the video, LE SSERAFIM seemed to be rehearsing for “Fire in the Belly” performance. What impressed fans and netizens was the members’ stable vocals and Huh Yun-jin’s perfect high note. 

Seeing a good sign of the members’ improvement in singing skills, fans are pouring compliments, saying “They sounded so real”, “Redemption arc. The girls are mad”, “LE SSERAFIM Coachella 2 is gonna be so good”, “My girls are gonna go crazy tonight. Yall haters are done!”, etc.

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