The reason why Kim Tae-ri looks so happy these days

Kim Tae-ri drew attention with her cheerful and happy appearance at the recent promotional event for the movie “Alienoid”. 

Her loud laughter even when she was not using the mic could be heard clearly at the press conference on July 13th, the showcase on July 15th, and the interview on July 18th. 

On July 18th, Kim Tae-ri met with reporters for an interview at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno, Seoul, and revealed how she felt before ”Alienoid” was released.

Kim Tae-ri revealed that she enjoyed the five months of honey-like rest after finishing the popular drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”, which aired in April, so much and that’s why she has been so happy these days. The actress shared, “The people I met during the past 4-5 months are even more than those who have a lifelong relationship with me. Meeting and hanging out with people like crazy made me feel better.”

She shared, “The time I spend focusing on other people is equal to the time I focus on myself. While wondering ‘I call the seniors and chat with them. I also visit other people’s houses, so will they also visit me?’, I looked back on myself a lot.”

Kim Tae-ri said that the confidence she felt was about the “attitude” of working as an actor. She said, “I don’t know where my limit is. Regardless of whether I’m good or bad at acting, I’m working with all my energy and I’m confident that I’ll continue to do so. I think that’s why I feel confident. I have huge pride in my attitude toward work. I don’t think you need to be too humble in that attitude.”

There seemed to be a good reason for Kim Tae-ri’s opinion. The actress carefully confessed that she found it hard to work devotedly on some days because she felt “as if I was a blender that had spun for 7 months without a break” although she gained so much love for her performance in the drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” after finishing filming “Alienoid”. 

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ is the most precious of all my works, but it was also a work which made me realize that rest is very important. I like sports very much… I thought it was impossible to work so hard that I couldn’t think about exercising at all. No matter how well you work with good colleagues in a good environment, will you be ruined or not if you work without a break? In terms of acting (and daily life), when the ideal point I wanted and the limit I could really do were wide apart, there was no ‘time’ for me to analyze the gap.”

However, Kim Tae-ri said, “I gained this much because it was that hard. I’m confident that I’ll accept the next hardship very humbly.”

Director Choi Dong-hoon’s “Alienoid”, which will be released on July 20th, is a work that started filming in early spring of 2020 and finished filming in April 2021.

Kim Tae-ri is expected to show off her action skills by taking on the role of Lee Ahn, a woman who shoots thunder in the background of the Goryeo Dynasty. She once put a gun on other people during the drama “Mr. Sunshine”, but in “Alienoid”, she will present more diverse action scenes, such as “shoot while spinning, shoot after kicking and shoot while jumping”.

She also pointed out the special meaning of “Alienoid” which she could act with Ryu Jun-yeol and Kim Woo-bin, saying, “There’s a keyword called generational change.”

“Alienoid” is a new film directed by director Choi Dong-hoon of “Assassination” and “The Thieves”. He cast Jun Ji-hyun, Kim Hye-soo, Lee Jung-jae, Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jung-woo in his previous work.

“The actors director Choi Dong-hoon has worked with so far are superstars, and (the movies he made) was unimaginable for me. I think it’s very meaningful that he used young actors named Ryu Jun-yeol and Kim Tae-ri this time.”

She also said that she received good strength from the actors she met in the process of acting. She was relieved to have Ryu Jun-yeol by her side during the very nervous first filming. She was also reassured to reunite with Kim Eui-sung, who worked together with her in “Mr. Sunshine”. Seeing Yum Jung-ah confidently expressing herself at the filming site, Kim Tae-ri thought, “If I were to be reborn, would I be able to do that?”

Oh my God, take a look at this! There’s a work like this here!

Kim Tae-ri wants to introduce and brag about “Alienoid” to the extent that she wants to shout loudly while clapping her hands.

I’ve always been on the defensive. I said good things when I was promoting, but I wasn’t confident in my acting. I’ve never watched my work this happy. Of course, there are some things that didn’t reach the ideal point, but I was very happy with the process.”

After the press preview, she heard some people say that “Alienoid” is distracting and difficult to understand. She confessed firmly.

“If part 1 was like that, (doubtful points) will be solved clearly in part 2. If you had to explain and connect the relationships of countless characters in a vast worldview in part 1, part 2 would definitely be more fun since you knew all of them after watching part 1!”

“Alienoid” will be released on July 20th.

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