This former female trainee who ranked last on “Produce 101” is now working as an accountant

An audition program contestant 6 years ago has become a company accountant.

The Youtube channel “근황올림픽” recently reported the recent status of the female contestant who received the lowest point on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 1”.

When asked about her low ranking on “Produce 101”, Kim Bo Sun replied, “You can just call it the last place”.

Kim Bo-seon

At that time, Kim Bo Sun was on the same team with Choi Yoo Jung. However, she was mentioned in unreasonable gossip. Kim Bo Sun, who was the leader of the team, received criticism for not letting Choi Yoo Jung be the ‘center’.

Kim Bo-seon

Kim Bo Sun recalled and said, “Our team lost. People cursed me a lot. ‘Yoo Jung couldn’t get a point or the benefit because of you’, and things like that. It’s better being cursed at rather than not getting any attention”.

She also talked about how her life changed after appearing on that audition program.

Kim Bo-seon

Kim Bo Sun confessed, “The program was a huge challenge to me. In the situation that I didn’t even know whether it would work out or not, I practiced while working part-time in order not to bother my parents because they can’t make money as they get older”.

Kim Bo Sun, who wanted to help her family even a little bit, worked part-time at a restaurant, serving, and even at the Lotte World Observatory. 

Kim Bo-seon

Kim Bo Sun is currently working for a construction material distribution company. She said, “I’ve been working as an accountant for 3 years”, revealing that she became a deputy after joining the company as a full-time employee.

However, Kim Bo Sun turns into a DJ at night. She achieved her second dream while working busily. Kim Bo Sun, who is active under the name DJ Cash, released her single album “Cash Gun” in 2020.

Kim Bo-seon

She shared, “When I first started working as a DJ, many people didn’t like me”, adding “I worked hard, and it’s the same to idols. When standing in front of the audience, we all feel the same atmosphere and want to shout ‘Let’s play together’. I love my job as a DJ”.

Lastly, Kim Bo Sun said, “I’ll carry out activities in many ways. Please look forward to my performance”, raising expectations.

Source: Insight

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