‘Boys Planet’ derivative group causes uproar among fans, truck protests held 

Fans have taken action opposing the formation of a derivative group after the Mnet audition program “Boys Planet”. 

On August 2nd, the “anti-derivative group coalition” conducted a truck protest in front of CJENM headquarters in Seoul, opposing the launch of a derivative group after Mnet’s “Boys Planet”.

boys planet

In particular, fans criticized the formation of a derivative group from the show with slogans such as “Revoke the derivative group blocking the way right now”, “End the derivative group with no future guarantee”, “Stop using trainees for the sake of the derivative group”, and “Revoke the derivative group even fans don’t want.’

On the other hand, after the Mnet audition program “Boys Planet” concluded, 9 trainees were selected to debut in the project boy group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1).

Subsequently, Mnet announced the formation of a derivative group that includes trainees who participated in “Boys Planet”, who didn’t make it to ZB1. 

In particular, WAKEONE trainees Park Han Bin, Lee Jung Hyun, Moon Jeong Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo, as well as YUEHUA trainees Ji Yun Seo and Yoo Seung Eon, were confirmed to be joining the derivative group.

The formation of ‘Boys Planet’ derivative group causes uproar among fans, who show opposing opinions. In particular, many are concerned that the group’s debut, should it fail to achieve good results, will not only damage the image of the participating trainees, but also that of ZB1. 

boys planet

On the other hand, there have been counterarguments that trainees who have not debuted should have the opportunity to debut even if it is through a derivative group.

At the same time, this is not the first time a derivative group was formed after an Mnet’s survival show. In the past, alongside Wanna One, who debuted through the audition program “Produce 101 Season 2”, groups such as JBJ and RAINZ were also established.

Among them, JBJ achieved good results, but despite high requests for re-contracts from members and fans, discord among the members’ respective agencies caused the group to conclude activities after just 7 months. At that time, there was also public opposition to JBJ’s disbandment.

Regarding this matter, a representative from the ‘Boys Planet’ “Anti-Derivative Group Coalition” stated, “Those opposing the debut of the derivative group are fans of the members whose participation in the derivative group was decided. They express serious concerns about the debut of a group formed only for short-term gains.”

boys planet

These fans also explained that they have requested statements from WAKEONE and YUEHUA Entertainment multiple times and even conducted a truck protest, but only heard news of new trainees joining without any response from the agencies. 

“The derivative group is being pushed forward unilaterally by the agencies without considering fans’ demands”, they said. 

Source: Daum

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