Don’t watch “Boys Planet”?, a famous male idol scolded fans for looking at other guys

A famous male Kpop idol scolded his fans for wanting to watch the ongoing Mnet survival show “Boys Planet”. 

On February 23rd, MONSTA X member Minhyuk started a live broadcast through the paid communication platform “Bubble” and conversed with fans. In particular, he turned on a live broadcast for about 30 minutes, then came back in about 5 minutes and left a warning. 


In particular, Minhyuk referred to Mnet’s “Boys Planet”, which was airing at the same time as his live, and asked fans, “Have you guys watched that program?”.

Then, upon reading the fans’ comments, Minhyuk smiled and said jokingly, “If you get caught (watching ‘Boys Planet’), you die.” 

Boys Planet

It is known that Minhyuk also issued a “warning” to the fandom of MONSTA X, Monbebe, in the past, when “Produce X 101” was airing. 

At the time, Minhyuk, who spotted a fan talking about the Mnet survival show “Produce X 101”, posted a screenshot of it on MONSTA X’s official fan cafe, along with the caption, “Monbebe, are you watching ‘Produce X 101’?” 

Boys Planet

Minhyuk seems to be cutely preventing fans from watching audition programs, which feature about 100 handsome and fresh idol trainees, in “fear” that fans will fall in love with them instead of him.

Hearing Minhyuk’s warning, the fans showed hearty reactions and left comments such as “I will never watch ‘Boys Planet'” and “Minhyuk is so cute”.

Source: Insight

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