Various Reactions Resulted From The Recent Controversy Over Idols’ Live Singing Skills

While criticizing LE SSERAFIM and groups for their poor live stages, netizens also praised singers with excellent skills

After the disappointing performance of HYBE’s girl group LE SSERAFIM at the US music festival Coachella, netizens have been criticizing idols with poor singing skills. Amid this live singing controversy, several reactions of the public have been noticed

First of all, a rookie group with many foreign members held a showcase this week and they were found to have lip-synced instead of singing live as if they were not good at performing in Korean. At the scene, the group was surrounded by sharp questions from reporters, such as “Singing live is basic for singers. Are you confident in performing live on stage?”.


Second, live singing has been a hot topic in online communities over the past week. Therefore, live performances, from the ones of rookie singers with excellent live singing skills like hidden gems to live stages of singers in the 1990s and singing videos of ordinary people who can sing like professional singers, are gaining attention online. Numerous live videos in the past have gradually been summoned in online communities.

In the meantime, an audition program introducing “a girl group with good live singing skills” was launched, arousing keen interest. It was JTBC’s “Girls on Fire”. Right after its broadcast, the challenges of aspiring vocalists, who aim to break the public’s prejudice against girl groups, are receiving favorable reviews from netizens.

le sserafim-coachella

The intensifying controversy over idols lacking vocal training actually resulted in a positive impact. In particular, attention is once again drawn to the original value of singers and live singing skills, which have been overshadowed by the splendid outlook of K-pop’s globalization and performances throughout the past years. 

The backlash from the public this time has provided an important lesson for the K-pop industry on how idols’ skills and appearance should harmonize. Due to the recent issues, the public’s gaze on idol singers’ performances is expected to become stricter for the time being.

Source: daum

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