LE SSERAFIM Claimed to be “A Master of Their Craft”, Netizens Baffled 

As several old remarks of LE SSERAFIM resurfaces, netizens are baffled by the girl group’s “over-arrogance”. 

Recently, LE SSERAFIM came under fire for their lacking skills after performing at Coachella. As a result, various old remarks of the girl group are resurfacing and drawing immense attention. 

Among those, one statement in particular has become the talk of the town on Korean forum Pann Nate, drawing hundreds of thousands of views and almost 600 comments. 

le sserafim coachella

In particular, when appearing on a program with Park Myung-soo, Kim Chaewon confidently said, “If you look at our performances, you’d think they look easy. However, that’s not the truth, we just make it look easy. That’s how much effort we put in”. 

Continuing, Huh Yunjin said, “If a person makes their work look easy, that means they are very good at their work. It’s because they are a master of their craft”. 

Then, when Park Myung-soo asked if LE SSERAFIM is a master of their craft, Kim Chaewon confidently answered, “Yes, you can say that”. 

Upon looking back at these remarks, netizens called out LE SSERAFIM for being “arrogant” and “cocky”. Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • They got hit with such strong karma, serious 
  • To say such a shameless thing in front of Park Myung-soo, a senior in the entertainment industry, this amazing in many ways.
  • Why do they keep saying things they shouldn’t and end up getting criticized? If they just keep their mouths shut, half of the hate would disappear 
  • Even After School who did pole-dancing for a comeback don’t say anything as arrogant…
  • So they think they are a master of their craft? This is simply embarrassing 
  • They couldn’t sing decently at Coachella and didn’t dance neatly either, but they think they are a master of their craft…

Source: Pann Nate 

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