Top Actress Recalled Being Bullied At School For Having Famous Parents, “They Cut Holes In My Photo”

Taiwanese actress Ouyang Nana recalled her struggles for having famous parents.

On April 16th (local time), actress Ouyang Nana appeared on a Chinese variety show as a guest with her mother, actress Fu Chuen, and sister, Ouyang Nini.

Ouyang Nana confessed that because her parents were celebrities, she was called “Fu Chuen’s daughter” and “Ouyang Lung’s daughter” no matter what she did as a child. She also revealed that she was hated and bullied by her schoolmates.


When she was in school, Ouyang Nana’s photo was posted on the school bulletin board with a hole in her eyes and nose. The bullies intentionally damaged it. The young actress at the time wondered whether she had done anything wrong and only wanted to get along with his friend, which made people cry.

Ouyang Nana confessed that she still remembers being bullied when she was young, so she had a habit of caring for and taking care of other people’s emotions first. Her mother, Fu Chuen, was surprised to hear her daughter’s story. She blamed herself, adding, “I thought there was only a minor dispute between her and her friends, but I didn’t expect it to remain so hurtful to her.”

Meanwhile, Ouyang Nana is a Taiwanese actress whose parents are famous actor and actress. She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2014 through the film “Beijing Love Story.”

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