This is an artist whose talent is being most wasted in YG Entertainment

He has everything, both talents and appearance, but there’s one thing that he lacks: LUCK.

YG Entertainment is one of 3 biggest entertainment companies which own a number of top music artists in Korea. Most of idol groups from these companies, no matter what, still have significant influences on Kpop market and finally get what they deserve after putting in lots of efforts. However, there’s one artist whose talent is considered as being “wasted” in YG Entertainment. That’s Kim Hanbin (iKON).

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

Being known as the stage name B.I and the leader of hiphop group iKON from YG Entertainment is probably what comes to everyone’s mind when we mention Hanbin. Or more than that, he used to participate in “Show Me The Money” and that’s it, there’s no more information about him. In fact, Hanbin is a very talented boy because he wrote lyrics for most of iKON’s songs, such as “Rhythm Ta”, “My Type”, “Today”, “Airplane”,… These songs were composed by Hanbin and performed by him together with his group.

The leader of iKON is also an excellent choreographer. In every iKON’s promotion so far, he has been creating and choreographing dances for his group by himself. Many fans are very surprised because there’s nothing that he can’t do, from choreographing, composing to producing. Nothing seems to be difficult for him.

This is an artist whose talent is being most wasted in YG Entertainment

2 new songs published in the end of May had a tragic “flop” on Korean digital music chart after 2 days of publication and were criticized as “a shame” of YG Entertainment. These songs were even “exported” internationally while the group’s career was not stable enough at that time. Moreover, when they came back to their hometown, there was not much excitement from their Korean fans. Those were some problems that iKON as well as Hanbin are facing with.

Indeed, Hanbin is not only a talented person but also has attractive appearance that is enough for him to get attention from young audiences as well as music producers and experts. Nevertheless, looking at what he is getting back now, his fans truly feel bad for him because luck hasn’t come to him yet.

Hanbin is one of few idols who have such excellent talents at his young age nowadays. Habin and iKON have everything, except for a high quality comeback, a proper working schedule and above all, a “fortune” that they deserve to have after trying so hard during the past time.

IKon will soon make a comeback within this month.

According to Yang Hyun Suk (CEO of YG Entertainment)’s post on Instagram, it seems that “Yang Appa” is paying more attention to the expectations of fans who have been wishing that iKON will focus more on national promotions. BI’s fans as well as iKONICS believe that they will finally get what they and their talents deserve to

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