HYBE lost roughly the same amount of market capitalization as YG today

Korean netizens compared the amount of market capitalization HYBE lost today with YG's market capitalization

YG’s market capitalization is 818.7 billion won.

HYBE lost 749.7 billion won in terms of market capitalization today due to Min Hee-jin’s issue.

The theqoo post regarding this became a hot topic with nearly 43,000 views as of the afternoon of April 22nd. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

– It’ll recover anyway.

– HYBE is coughing, and YG is hurting too.

– How did YG end up like this?

– Wow, entertainment stocks are really something else.

– HYBE’s market capitalization has really skyrocketed.

– I don’t know much about stocks, but today’s event feels like a huge issue…

– The gap between YG and HYBE is no joke. It really makes me realize how amazing BTS is.

– Wow, but it’s even more surprising that HYBE started out with just BTS. Of course, Bang Si-hyuk’s business skills are also excellent.

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