LE SSERAFIM, ATEEZ, Yoon Mi-rae And More: Not Only KPOP, Korean Artists Are Shining On The Stage Of Coachella

Korean artists received international attention with their outstanding performances at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Girl group LE SSERAFIM drew a lot of attention as it attracted about 30,000 audiences to its first performance at Coachella. However, controversy over arose due to the members’ unstable pitch and singing.

le sserafim coachella

Meanwhile, as the first Korean boy group to perform at Coachella, ATEEZ made a strong impression by perfectly performing 10 songs, such as “Say My Name,” “HALA HALA,” and “Guerrilla,” live. Their performance once again proved K-pop’s global influence, suggesting new possibilities for boy groups.

ateez coachella

In addition, veteran hip-hop artists such as Yoon Mi-rae, BIBI, and Tiger JK also solidified the status of Korean hip-hop with their strong performances on the Coachella stage. The Rose, a Korean rock band, received a big round of applause for their performance at the Outdoor Theater, showcasing the quintessence of Korean rock music.

The successful performances of Korean artists of these various genres at Coachella are expected to have a positive impact on the Korean music industry. Continued growth and international success are expected in the future. Their performance served as an opportunity to prove the diversity and international competitiveness of Korean music, and experts believe that more Korean artists will be able to perform on the global stage in the future.

Source: daum

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