Putting LE SSERAFIM’s Controversy Aside, ATEEZ’s Performance At Coachella Can Make KPOP Fans Proud

ATEEZ has perfectly made its name known as "the first K-pop boy group" to perform at Coachella.

Following April 12th (local time), ATEEZ successfully completed its second stage at the largest music festival in the United States, ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival,’ on the 19th.

ATEEZ made a spectacular start by shouting “We are back Coachella!” upon their appearance. The group then performed passionately with “Say My Name” and “HALA HALA,” heating up Coachella Valley with enthusiastic cheers from the audience. After that, ATEEZ has continued with various songs such as “Guerrilla (flag version),” “Crazy Form,” “ROCKY,” and “The Real (Heung version).” Traditional Korean musical instruments such as kkwaenggwari, drum, janggu, taepyeongso, and gong were used on the “The Real” stage, which showed off Korea’s unique beauty.

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On the stages of “ARRIBA” and “DJANGO,” the mood of the song reached their peak with a Western atmosphere. In the middle of the “ARRIBA” stage, each band session played solo in turn to the members’ comments, adding to the fun of watching them, while during “DJANGO,” the performance to the lyrics of “I’m a lonely gunman, bang bang bang bang bang” left a strong impact.

At the end of the concert, ATEEZ said, “We had an amazing experience over the past two weeks. Through this year’s Coachella, I felt that there are no boundaries in music. Thank you for making unforgettable memories with us for the past two weeks,” expressing overwhelming sentiment. “Thanks to our fans, ATEEZ was able to stand at Coachella. I am truly grateful to ATINY,” the members said, expressing their special affection for their fans.

Next, during the song “BOUNCY” (K-HOT CHILLI PEPPERS), ATEEZ not only gave a new spicy taste, but also filled the scene with tireless energy. Finally, on the stage of “WONDERLAND,” Jong-ho showed off his explosive singing ability with a “four-tiered high note,” creating a thrilling scene.


In particular, when ATEEZ’s performance began, various musicians named in the Coachella lineup, including Colombian musician J Balvin and American rapper Blxst, also enjoyed their performances, realizing the group’s global popularity.

Above all, they not only fascinated the audience with their skillful stage manners and shrewd performances during the running time of about an hour, but also drew praise from global fans by pulling off all 10 songs live without shaking voices. In addition, they brought the performance to life by maximizing visual elements using laser effects of various colors and colorful LED images.

As such, ATEEZ confidently convinced the audience of why they could become Coachella’s “first K-pop boy group” by creating another legendary stage that will be talked about for a long time. Music fans around the world are paying attention to ATEEZ, who has made a career mark with the reputation of the “performance powerhouse” through this Coachella.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ is holding a pop-up exhibition called “KQENT. (ATEEZ & xikers): AGRAMMY Museum Pop-Up” at the Grammy Museum in the United States.

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