Before Seo Ye Ji in “Eve”, which K-drama actresses earned the love of viewers?

K-drama mistresses are often hated for their conniving personalities, but there are some exceptions.

Cheon Seo Jin – “The Penthouse: War In Life”

Despite being a main villain of “The Penthouse: War In Life”, the school headmaster Cheon Seo Jin, played by actress Kim So Yeon, earns a lot of love from the audiences, who praise her sense of fashion, makeup, and even how her character spice up the K-drama.

kim so yeon

While Cheon Seo Jin is an evil character who’s out to ruin people’s lives, and would get her hands dirty just to make others suffer, viewers of “Penthouse” love to take screenshots of her expressions and create iconic memes from them. 

kim so yeon

In addition, Cheon Seo Jin is also a complex character who has always crave love and recognition, and is willing to make sacrifices for her child, leading to a lot of viewers pitying this mistress, despite her evil deeds. 

Yeo Da Kyung – “The World of The Married”

During initial episodes of “The World of The Married”, the mistress Yeo Da Kyung, played by actress Han So Hee, showed all sorts of mean characteristics and little redeeming points. However, Han So Hee’s outstanding visuals make viewers go easier on her.

the world of married

In addition, Yeo Da Kyung showed vast character development as the show goes on, and after getting married, she dedicated it all to her family, even forgiving her husband and trying to win back his love when she realized he’s still in love with his ex.

the world of married

At the end of the series, she realized that she’s not happy in such a marriage, and instead focused on making a better life for herself and her child. She also reflected back on her mistakes, and lived independently, showing an admirable mindset. Therefore, despite Yeo Da Kyung’s actions in the first half, the audience can’t seem to hate her. 

Lee Ra El – “Eve”

Unlike other mistresses who try to appear meek in front of guys, Lee Ra El of “Eve”, played by Seo Ye Ji, lets everyone know she’s a lethal woman right from the first minutes of the show. She’s also a super rational woman who doesn’t let her emotions override her thoughts, and never develop intense feelings for the married man she’s after. Instead, she’s just acting to pay back what had been done to her, making his character pitiable and relatable to many watchers. 


Through each and every episode, Lee Ra El continuously surprises her opponents and the viewers alike. It helps that she exudes a deathly sexiness that lures in her nemesis before biting them head downs, and the lines that she throws in their face are downright impressive. Under Ra El’s schemes, even the “main woman” could do a thing to her while in public. 

seo ye-ji

In addition, Ra El’s wardrobe also adds to her charm. From simple and sweet outfits to gaudy yet lethal clothes, actress Seo Ye Ji manages to pull off them all, and nothing can win over people’s heart harder than a strong woman who shows her wits and runway clothes at the same time. 

With Ra El’s cunning moves, the plot of “Eve” has thickened more than ever, handing twists after twists as the series approaches its pivotal point. Now, many people are tuning into this revenge K-drama, highly anticipating for a satisfying end. 

Source: SaoStar

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