Seo Yeji caught attention for her past statement – “If they told me not to wear short skirt…”

Seo Yeji- Kim Junghyun’s ex-girlfriend caught attention for her past statement.

This morning (April 12), Dispatch reported that Kim Junghyun asked not to do any skinship with the lead female actress in his past MBC drama “Time” because of Seo Yeji. According to the announcement, Seo Yeji sent him videos, voice messages, gave him commands, and told him to change the script so there would be no skinship or romance scene.

After the announcement, Seo Yeji’s past conservative statement has become the topic of discussion in many online communities.

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In MBC ‘World changing quiz show’ broadcasted in 2015, they were discussing different point of view on the topic ‘conservative or open-minded dating’

Seo Yeji, who was the MC at the moment, said that she would not like it if a boyfriend complimented his girlfriend on her short dress. The guests were taken aback by Seo Yeji’s statement that she would want the boyfriend to ask her not to wear it instead of complimenting it.

Source: Naver

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