Chaehyun’s Chinese Fans Announce to Cease Purchase of Kep1er Goods Until Disbandment

Chaehyun’s Chinese fan base recently announced their decision to halt the purchase of any Kep1er goods

This decision, posted on Weibo, has drawn attention within the Kep1er fandom. The announcement from Chaehyun’s Chinese fan base ChaehyunBar makes it clear that they will no longer open orders or bulk buy any Kep1er merchandise, with the exception of goods of Chaehyun alone. This boycott will remain in effect until Kep1er officially disbands.

Fans claim that Chaehyun, Kep1er’s official center, only stood at the center position a few times in the group’s five albums, including their debut album. Kep1er’s management has fallen short in delivering on Chaehyun’s rightfully deserved role as the center, leading to growing frustration among fans.

Fans also highlight their disappointment stemming from unfulfilled promises and lack of communication from the company, further fueling their dissatisfaction. Fans have voiced their disapproval of management multiple times but seen no results from their feedbacks.

In their final and impactful statement, ChaehyunBar declares, “We exist only for Chaehyun. ChaehyunBar will not organize the purchase of any Kep1er merchandise anymore,” underlining their unwavering support for only Chaehyun.

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