Big Hit’s official statement: “The claim about BTS’s album and jacket photo resemblance is invalid”

BTS has expressed their position as “there is no similarity” after photographer Bernard Faucon claimed that there are similarities between BTS’s albums and his work.

Photographer Bernard Faucon recently claimed that part of BTS‘s “Blood, Sweat and Tears” music video was inspired by his 1978 “Summer Vacation“. He claimed that the costumes of the mannequins, the backgrounds and even the “Young Forever” jacket photos are similar to his work.

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Bernard Faucon also claimed that even the title of the album was inspired by the title of “The Most Beautiful Day of My Youth,” a filming project that he conducted in 25 countries from 1997 to 2003. In an interview with the media, “I’m glad they was inspired by my work. I don’t mean to take legal action, but I want they to admit that they are inspired by my photos.”

However, Big Hit Entertainment, BTS‘s agency, drawn the line by saying, “We have already conveyed our opinion that the claim about the similarity that was raised in a gallery last September is invalid.” The two sides exchanged proof of contents last year, and Bernard Faucon demanded an apology and compensation according to the agreement.

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