A car driver took away a grandmother’s ordinary life but was fined only 40,000 won? Weki Meki Yoo Jung shed tears

In the recent broadcast of JTBC’s program “Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review” on March 16th, a video of an accident where a car crashed into a building and hit a grandmother was revealed.


After watching the CCTV footage of the accident, the panelists raised suspicion of the car hit the grandmother due to its sudden acceleration. However, the full story of the incident was that the car, which was making a right turn, collided with two other vehicles then eventually crossed the pedestrian crosswalk and hit the grandmother. 

The video showed the victim getting hit and flying about 7 meters by the accident, causing great shock to the panelists. The victim underwent a long 6-hour surgery in the emergency room but still has not been able to walk for two months since the accident. In particular, she needs more than six months of rehabilitation training to be able to walk again.


Although the accident took away the ordinary daily lives of an elderly couple, the perpetrator was only fined 40,000 won for violating the Traffic Law and not subject to criminal punishment because the accident was not considered a serious offense among the 12 types of traffic accidents. The reason given was that the accident occurred when the perpetrator could not control the car due to a series of rear-end collisions. The victim’s husband has expressed his objections to the absurd result of the police’s accident investigation. 

In response to the story, Weki Meki Yoo Jung, who appeared on the show as a guest, shed tears at the heartbreaking appearance of the husband who is now left alone in their empty house.

choi yoojung

In the meantime, the perpetrator admitted to his fault, saying that he accidentally manipulated the accelerator. However, he made the victim’s family rage even more by saying “I’ll treat you to a dinner”. Lawyer Han Moon Chul once again pointed out the problems of the “Traffic Accident Special Act” that ignores the suffering victims, and emphasized the need for legal revision. 

The panelists then took time to analyze some more accidents caused by autonomous vehicles.

Source: Daum

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