Han Ga-in Talks About Her Early Marriage, “The Biggest Mystery In My Life”

Actress Han Ga-in revealed her honest thoughts about marrying Yeon Jung-hoon at a young age in the middle of her heyday

On April 22nd, the YouTube channel “14F” uploaded a new content video featuring the guest appearance of actress Han Ga-in.

Holding an individual exhibition for Han Ga-in, 14F showed a photo of the actress taken with her husband Yeon Jung-hoon. Regarding the picture, Han Ga-in shared, “I think I would be upset if my husband was left out. My husband is an F, while I’m totally a T”.

han ga in yeon Jung hoon

In the meantime, Han Ga-in recalled when she suddenly got married in 2005 at the age of 25. Back then, the actress was enjoying her heyday after starring in several hit dramas such as “Once Upon a Time in High School”, “Terms of Endearment”, etc. 

She confessed, “At that time, many people tried to dissuade me, saying ‘Getting married right now is a little…’. Since I got married early, I believed that I should pour more effort into building a harmonious and beautiful family so that it could be much more stable and peaceful”.

han ga in yeon Jung hoon

In particular, when asked, “Did you plan to get married early?”, Han Ga-in replied, “That’s the biggest mystery in my life. I never thought I would get married early. At that time, I just preferred building a family rather than working, and I got the feeling that I didn’t want to miss out on meeting such a good man.”

Source: daum

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