Comments on Yoo Ah In’s Instagram apology post…Celebrities also show public support

Netizens who read actor Yoo Ah In (Uhm Hong Sik)’s long apology showed enthusiastic support.

Yoo Ah In posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram on the morning of March 28th after being questioned by the police for 12 hours on charges of using drugs. He said, “I made an insufficient apology right after the police investigation yesterday. I apologize once again for disappointing many people who have loved and cared for me due to a shameful thing. I would like to express my apology to those who worked with me in precious works such as movies, dramas and advertisements. Many people supported me and gave me generous encouragement and affection, but I feel great regret and shame for the fact that I was harming myself while continuing my career as an actor. During the time of self-reflection, I was clearly aware that my mistake was a mistake that could not be covered by any excuse. I will faithfully participate in the upcoming investigations, and I will accept all of your criticisms as well as the law’s judgment.”

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Initially, when the news about Yoo Ah In‘s drug charges broke out, most netizens criticized him for his illegal actions and his irresponsibility as an actor in charge of various tasks. However, the atmosphere was clearly different on SNS, which is perhaps a somewhat private space. Most of the netizens who read his apology expressed their support.

They showed reactions such as “I’m a big fan of yours. I hope you regain your physical and mental health”, “Take care of yourself. I’ll love you forever”, “I’ll believe in you in the future”…

Public supportive comments from celebrities also drew attention. Famous broadcaster Kim Song, former Clon member Kang Won Rae’s wife, cheered, “I’m waiting. You know I’m your biggest fan from the beginning, right? Loyal guy!”

Source: wikitree

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