Lee Min Jung envies Moon Hee Joon’s wife So Yul not getting swollen after childbirth

So Yul, a former member of the girl group Crayon Pop, revealed her recent status after giving birth to her second child.

ENA’s “Oh Eun Young’s Game” aired its first episode on the evening of January 24th. This program solves the problems of parents who don’t know how to play with their children and grandparents who are tired of raising their grandchildren.


On the broadcast, MC Lee Min Jung looked at So Yul and exclaimed, “I was very surprised. It’s been 70 days since you gave birth but you don’t get swollen at all”.

So Yul gave birth to her son on September 7th last year.


So Yul’s husband Moon Hee Joon jokingly replied, “This is actually a secret. I gave birth to our second child”, drawing laughter.

Moon Hee Joon and So Yul got married in 2017 and have one daughter and one son.

Source: Nate

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